Monday, August 21, 2017

Meet my mom! {brevard county photographer}

I can never stop stressing how important it is to have nice photos of your entire family. I know we get so caught up in the little blessings of newborns and the cuteness of our toddlers that we forget about the adult age people in our life. Mom's especially get forgotten because they are the ones doing everything for everyone and taking all the pictures, they often get left out or have no energy left.

My mom has a hundred reasons why she shouldn't have her picture taken: doesn't have time (she works three jobs), she doesn't want to have a picture by herself (umm why not?) she doesn't know what to wear (wear what makes you comfortable) and the list goes one. Can you relate?

Well of course I don't listen to her complaints either and she listened to me and we did a shoot. It was fun I made her laugh, she made me laugh and I got some amazing pictures of my mom. Just as a I watch my son grow and age, my mom is doing the same and one day when she is no longer here I want to be able to look back and see those changes. After all I will most likely take after her in the looks department so I want to know how I am going to age too. LOL

She may have had to wait a bit longer then my clients do for her images but here they are and she looks awesome. We even had some fun ones with her in her sneakers. Yes my mom is a sneaker girl. She never takes them off. If you know her, you know this is true. Then we also got her playing on her us kids always're always on your phone mom! Now I have her in action.

Remember, photo shoots are about you. What you like and what defines you. I just capture it for you to remember and share with others. :)

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

New on the blog: A place to call home

Today's story is a touching one. A story of strength. A story of never giving up. Meet Katrina and Liam. This is their story with a new beginning.

To see the big picture we need to go back over 4 years ago when Katrina was violated by a man. Three months after the incident she learned she was pregnant. She choose to keep the baby and Liam was born. Katrina cites Liam as being the best gift she ever received. Yet despite his infectious smile, Liam came into this world with congenital heart disease. His first days of life were touch and go and required lots of hospitalization to diagnose and find a treatment plan. In addition, Liam was diagnosed with Autism. Katrina has spent lots of hours, days and weeks at doctors appointments and therapy sessions. Being a single mom, things became overwhelming and she struggled to make ends meet and found herself homeless.

For the last four years Katrina and Liam would live in and out of 7 different hotels or her car. Bouncing back and forth to whichever place had the cheapest rate. All while trying to care for her son and get him to his appointments. Many times they were in Orlando.

Katrina remained strong and didn't give up. There were many times she thought she had failed as a mom with the constant changes of where they would live and seeing the confusion of where are we going now on Liam's face. Was there an answer? Was there help out there for her?

After lots of tears, prayers and sleepless nights Katrina finally started to get help. She went to the county to ask for help. But that turned up to be lots of dead-ends and no answers. She then reached out to local politicians to help her with local agencies or churches. Finally she was able to obtain section 8 housing voucher to use towards rents. Then came the struggle to find a home to meet their needs in their budget. Finally a few weeks ago, she came upon the place they call home. A quaint duplex with 2 bedrooms and a backyard for Liam to run and play in.

Katrina never gave up fighting for her and Liam. She's had a lot of obstacles thrown her way but through it all God was with them. Liam is a sweet 4 year old boy with a big personality and smile that lights up and entire room. He has a mom that loves him beyond words and together they have everything they need. I am so happy they now have a home to call their own.

Katrina reached out to me to document this special time and I couldn't have been more honored to capture this moment for them. To share their story and to capture this moment for them is such a joy for me. One of the best parts of my job, is being able to share your story with others. May it give someone else hope, encouragement to keep fighting and joy to see their happiness. <3

Katrina wanted to thank all the people who helped her either in prayer, through donations via furniture, money or time and for all those who offered support during this time.

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Business Spotlight: Creations 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio {brevard county photographer}

I tend to lean towards the introvert side of life. I think of myself as a functioning introvert because I can be in a group of people and do ok, but I crave alone time. I prefer one or two friends over a bunch and I enjoy quiet (Calvin doesn't understand this). Having been in a customer service sales role all my life, this helps me to balance being a shut in and interacting with the world. Fortunately, it also helped me as I run my own business.

I was attending a children's expo a few months ago, walked through it quickly because there were way too many kids and my introvert self was overwhelmed. But I got some things and one of them was the booklet of the vendors who had spots there and advertising info. So I took it home and looked through it. It was there that I found Creations 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio advertisement. I was excited to learn of this new business. Despite being introverted I reached out to the owner to discuss partnering together. Always nerve wrecking reaching out and possibly being rejected, but Seliane was great. She too was excited to meet. So we met for lunch at Panera and discussed business. I was able to learn about her business and all that she offers.

Last week, I stopped by her studio to interview her more and to capture some images of the set up. I want to share her business with you.

Business Name: Creations 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio
Location: 7370 Cabot Ct Suite 103, Melbourne Fl 32940
Contact #: 321-735-0577

About: Creations 3D/4D ultrasound studio is a full service ultrasound studio using the latest in Ultrasound imaging equipment. They offer multiple packages to see your little one as they grow and also does gender identification. The studio is a cozy space that can hold up to 5 family members including mom. Family can view the images as the ultrasound is being preformed on the HD Live screen in the room. Have a large group of family, there is a conference room in the complex that can hold large crowds and stream the viewing live. In addition, you can do remote viewing for out of town family members or daddy's who are overseas. You can also have your baby's heart beat recorded in a stuffed animal.

Seliane, is passionate about each mom and getting to view her baby. She works by appointment only and gives plenty of time between appointments to ensure you get the best view of your baby. She wants you to see and bond with your baby like no other.  She loves to provide this service to her clients and see them glow with excitement over each little kick.

What to expect??
Depending on which package you purchase, you can expect an appointment to be 45minutes to an hour long. Saliane likes to ensure mom is comfortable and that the best image of baby is viewed. So while a 20 minute scan may be purchased, sometimes baby is camera shy in the beginning so she encourages mom to walk around, drink and eat to energize the baby.

Moms to be will want to wear clothing that is easy to access the belly. Dresses are discouraged as she will need to access your skin covering the belly.

When to schedule?
The best time to schedule your appointment is 16-30 weeks.  At 16 weeks the gender can be identified and by 30 weeks there is less room for baby to move around and be viewed.

If you are expecting and looking for an experience like none other, contact Creations 3D/4D ultrasound. You will get to see your baby in a way like no other. And it is something you will never regret.

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Meet Baby Jesse {brevard county newborn photographer}

I had the pleasure of capturing Hailey and Jesse's maternity session last month. It almost didn't happen if you recall. You can view that session here. Well baby Jesse wanted to keep the tradition going with timing and waited until after his due date to make an appearance.

When I spoke to Hailey about what she wanted for the session she basically let me have my say. She was easy going. Sometimes that is great for me or hard. In this case it was super easy. Having a little boy there are less options to worry about. Also big Jesse likes to fish so I was able to create the cutest little fishing theme set up. The one thing that Hailey did want was family images. She knew it would be done at her grandmas house and would want those family members present captured too. I love that we spent time to do this. We were able to capture multiple generations, great grandparents holding baby Jesse and we even got the dog in one!

When I conduct your consult conversation, either by phone or in person, I always like to know what you want captured. These are going to be your images. You will want to hang them in your home, display them for others to see and pass them down for generations. I will guide you along the way of what is best, but ultimately I always like to know what you want.

Baby Jesse is one loved little boy. I truly love this session. <3

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