Friday, July 3, 2015


We want to share with you a few specials we have going on right now! These are some great packages we are offering to you. Don't miss out!!

Newborn & Maternity Combo Special

Our other special is our CHRISTMAS in JULY special. This is one of the only specials that gives you a CD of all the images taken. You do not want to miss out on this!!!

and finally our most exciting one yet, our Boudoir Special. This is complete with hair and makeup, followed by a 30-45 minute photo session. You will receive a private online gallery to view the images and a photo album to treasure forever. 

We look forward to working with you during the remainder of 2015. Please contact us to schedule your session today!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Instagram Photo Challenge

To kick off Trisha Harris Photography becoming an official business we are having a contest. We want to inspire you to take more photos in the process. So each week for the month of June we will have a weekly photo challenge contest. We will post the photo challenge on Facebook and Instagram. Then before the week ends upload an image to Instagram and tag us @trishaharrisphoto to receive an entry. Earn an extra entry when you post one to Facebook and tag Trisha Harris Photography.

The winner will be announced in July. The winner will receive a free hour long photo session ($150.00 value). Prints and digital images are not included. Winner must live within a 30 miles radius from Brevard County.

Be sure to share with your friends and family too so they can take advantage of this great fun!!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

After your session, why purchase prints?

If you don't ready anything else, I hope you take the time to read this. This is one of the most heartfelt posts I ca share about the importance of purchasing prints from your session.

Photo sessions are called an investment because they are! Their return is far better than any financial return will ever give you. Case in point: this past week I was house bound from surgery and a stomach virus. Going stir crazy, I decided to look at old photos...the printed kind. I was taken back with the images I found, many I had no clue about and others that immediate invoked a memory and took me back to that moment. There was something about holding each image in my hand and studying it for a moment. I discovered photos from my parent's childhood to my childhood. There were embarrassing ones, humerus ones and sad ones. Some left me wondering "what were we thinking?!" others had me chuckling to myself and some left me missing the people in the picture.

Once a moment happens it becomes a memory. It is in our minds and part of our past. We cannot go back and redo it, because it will never be the same. BUT we can be reminded of it. From a smell of a certain scent, to a song, to a photograph. They are reminders that we lived and that others lived life with us.

So many times when we are planning our photo sessions our first thought is always: Do I get the digital images? I always assure them they have the opportunity to purchase their images as digital images, but there's more to a photo session than getting a digital copy of the images. In our society today we have everything digital- our bills, our bank accounts and much more. I challenge you to make your photos real. To remove them from the digital world we live in and give yourself hard copies. What if the internet crashed? Are all your photos on FaceBook? What if CD drives became extinct like the floppy disk? I agree having a digital back up is great and gives you a sense of security, but if you are going to take the time to invest in a photo session- invest in actual images from your session. Hang them on your walls and decorate your home with those you love. You can never replace your loved ones, and once they are no longer with us- whether they have left the earth or they no longer live with you- a printed image is something you can hold and remember them.

As I looked through those old images, I wanted more. I wished I had more images of my grandmother who is no longer with us. I wish some of them were better quality. I longed to look at more of the past and the moments spent with family and friends. 

So when you book your session, think about printing an image, even if it is just one.The images we provide are of the highest quality with a protective coating to ensure they will last. They will be the images you pass down to your loved ones for them to remember you.

Newborns: Best time to shoot and how to prepare

In the last couple of years newborn photography has become increasingly popular. It has become an art form capturing your babies first days of life and giving you breathtaking images to cherish forever. Just like anything else, newborn photography has it's own standards and rules that you should be aware of.

First off, I want to give you comfort in knowing that your baby's safety is our number one priority when capturing these images. I have received hands on training from advanced photographers to ensure proper safety methods are in place when posing your baby. I am also CPR certified for added comfort when handling your baby. If you are looking for a newborn photographer, please make sure they are trained and that safety is their concern too. No image is worth the life or safety of your precious child.

Secondly, there are a few things you as the parent will want to know when planning for your newborn shoot. I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any additional questions, please ask. We are always here to help.
  • Babies are best photographed the first 14 days of life. This is because they are still very pliable and will conform to the poses easier. 
  • Newborn sessions are usually 2-3 hours. This is to account for the newborn to be fed during the session, diaper changes and prop changes.
  • Sleeping babies are happy babies. Newborns eyes are not fully developed so when taking photos of a newborn with eyes wide open makes it hard to see where they are focusing. This is why newborn images are almost always of the newborn sleeping.
  • About a 1/2 hour before your planned shoot, feed newborn to ensure they are full. Full baby= sleepy baby. Have baby feed wearing only their diaper and wrapped in a blanket. This will make taking clothes off easier.
  • Newborns just spent 9 months in your womb which maintains a temp of 98 degrees. Keeping your home warm during the shoot will help the baby transition to poses without clothes. We will also provide a space heater to help.
  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid foods that will cause gas in your baby.
  • There will be feedings during the shoot, please have any bottles ready or be ready to nurse. 
  • If siblings are present, they will be shot at the end of the shoot.
  • Parent shots will also take place. These are usually from the waist up. 
Our number one priority is that your baby is safe at all times. Our second priority is that we capture beautiful images of your baby for you to cherish forever. We look forward to working with you and your new bundle of joy!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Welcome little Sydney

The other day I got to meet little Sydney. I was excited and nervous to meet her all at the same time. Laura her mommy is really good friends with one of my long standing clients Brandi. She came as a referral (I LOVE referrals by the way). So Laura and I talked via email and text to set everything up. I always get nervous when I photograph new people. The nervousness goes away but the time leading up for whatever reason makes me get giddy inside. Luckily for me, I don't think Sydney picked up on it one bit. :)

One of the things I love most about newborn sessions is preserving this intimate time for their families. They will never be this small again. They will never squish into these positions again and they will never look this way again. Many times moms and dads are so overwhelmed with becoming a new mom and dad, figuring out schedules, adjusting to sleeplessness and day to day activities that they blink and this moment is gone. BUT a photograph freezes this moment in time for them and gives them priceless memories to cherish forever. They will be able to look back on these images for years to come and a memory will be sparked in their mind and heart that will bring them back to this time.

Sydney, came into the world on March 13th, 2015. She weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 19.5 inches long. I got to meet her about a week later at the ripe age of just 8 days! She was every bit precious and perfect. Her name was chosen by both her mom and dad as a name they both liked. I always think it is neat to learn about how a name is chosen for a child. I can't imagine it is an easy decision.

Her parents, Laura and James both met while in college. They both studied Marine Biology. So when her mommy told me that I was excited to plan for her setup. I knew we would have to incorporate a little sea-life somewhere. Laura also pulled out an afghan that her grandmother made for Sydney. It is always neat to capture photos like that as they display a lot of history and meaning.

Sydney's grandma and Aunt (Laura's mom and sister) were also still in town for the session so we were able to capture a few generational shots. I always love to see moms look at their daughters as they become moms. Such a special time for everyone.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Birthday Eli!!!

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is the people I get to meet. This time around I was acquainted with someone from my childhood. She lived in the neighborhood next to mine and we rode the bus together and went to all the same schools. So it was neat to catch back up and meet her adorable little family.

Her little one Eli was turning one so she wanted to capture this special time as well as get an updated family picture and some shots of her ADORABLE boys. Cade, her oldest son is too cute for words. He has such a BIG personality and it just shines through his adorable smile. The best part about Cade was that he LOVES to make his little brother Eli laugh. It is like the two of them have an unspoken language between themselves and they understand each other. Eli was so laid back and just went with the flow. Eli LOVED the balloons more than the cake. He was so excited over the balloons.

It was such a joy to capture this family. I can't wait to see them again!