Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What do I wear???

One of the biggest questions people ask when scheduling a shoot is: What should I wear??? There are many answers to this question. Today I am going to give you a few tips on deciding what to wear for your next shoot.

The firs thing you should realize is that a lot has changed over the years. The standard for a photo session was everyone matched. While this is a more classic look, it is not for everyone. Depending on your personality or your family, this look might not be for you and that is ok. This is a very simple and classic look that still a lot of families go for. It helps to avoid any distractions in the image. Other times you may see the white shirt with jeans. Another very classic look.

Nowadays families are trying to make everything unique and different from the last person. We all want our images to stand out and to be different. One of the easiest ways to do that is through our clothes. Clothes express us. So some families opt to not match in every detail but compliment one another. Some choose to have all the ladies wear one thing and guys wear another. Other times they keep a color scheme going and everyone sticks to that color. Another idea is to have a few solids with a pattern. Be care to have too many patterns and they cause the photo to be loud or busy.

Another thing to consider when choosing what to wear is to consider the location you are having your session at. If you are the beach and want to convey a more relaxed atmosphere, then you will want your outfit to do the same. If you are in the woods or a field you may want to convey a more rustic down to earth feel.

The idea is to choose something you are comfortable in, everyone compliments one another, and it goes with your location. At the end of the day you will be the subject of the image so you want it to be a reflection of you and your family. These are just a few tips that will help you out. For more ideas, you can always go to pinterest and find a ton of ideas there. Hope this helps. :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why I don't take photos at weddings

Yes you read the title correctly. I don't take photos at weddings and you shouldn't either!

Allow me to explain. This past weekend I was invited to attend the wedding of some very dear friends of ours. I was invited to be a guest! I cannot recall the last time I was a guest and not the photographer. It was a nice break from the regular run around and work hard to ensure every detail was captured. I was able to relax and enjoy the wedding. It was a lot of fun getting dressed up too. I love this times as an excuse to get the hubby dressed up. He is not quite as thrilled but he goes along with it.

Any how, we were guests of this wedding. When we got the invitation I was so happy for the person they hired to be the photographer. In the invitation the couple stated: We respectfully ask all guests to refrain from excessively using cell phones or other mobile devices at the event.

This is really two folds WOW. The first being, you are at a wedding, get off your cell phone, mingle with people around you and enjoy the party. You can play on FaceBook later. The second part that get's me really excited is that they are kindly pointing out that they HIRED a (get this) PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER to take their photos! They are simply asking that you allow the photographer the chance to get the BEST photos without distractions from other flashes, eyes looking the wrong way or best yet someone in the photographers way.

The ceremony especially is a very intimate time for any couple to take their vows before God and before their guests. The guests should remain in their seat and watch as this beautiful time unfolds. The photographer was hired to get all the good shots and give them the memories they are looking for. Not only is it rude to a photographer to stand up and get "that shot" with your cell phone, it is rude to the other guests too. Now you have just blocked them from viewing the couple and you have basically become a distraction.

After the ceremony, this is the time that should be really focused on getting those photos that you hired your photographer for. They usually involve immediate family, the bridal party and the bride and groom. (bride make sure you plan enough time between the ceremony and the reception for this). Nothing is more distracting for a photographer then trying to get everyone together for this, getting everyone who doesn't belong away and having zero distractions from other cameras. Many photographers have an online gallery where you can buy their images (hint hint) so you don't have to take your own. Not to mention the longer it takes for the photographer to get these images- the ones the bride really wants and is paying for- the longer it takes for the reception to begin and the food to be served!

Once you are in the reception and the party has began this is your time if you want to grab a picture, go for it. There are not many posed shots going on and the photographer is capture the moment as it happens. However, I just want to add that during any special moments- first dance, cake cutting, and toasts- that the photographer should not be fighting for the best view of the bridge and groom. Respect the bride and groom and the photographer and allow for room.

Many times during the reception the bride and groom walk around and say hi to everyone. You will get your chance to take a photo then. Also some photographers do the same. They go table to table to get pictures of each guest. If you are at a wedding, don't by shy when the photographer does this. In fact, go up and ask them to take your picture. It makes their job a little easier.

My whole point is that when I attend a wedding as a guest I don't take pictures. The ones you see here are the ones we took. We did this long after the ceremony and we didn't distract anyone. Everyone wants to have beautiful photos from their wedding, that's why they hire photographers. If we can just control ourselves during the event, then our bride and grooms will get that without their photographer having to work twice as hard to get around all the other guest.

Weddings are such a special time and you can't ever get this time back. I love photographing weddings because it gives the couple such a wonderful memory of their special day. Those a memories they will get to cherish forever. So next time you attend a wedding, kindly refrain from taking photos. The bride and groom will be extremely grateful!