Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Studio Newborn Session {Palm Bay Newborn Studio}

I always love the way things work themselves out perfectly. I spent months looking for a studio space. It was harder than I expected since there are so many different types of spaces, ways to rent the space and leasing terms. I was almost about to settle for a small office space when the phone rang and a place I was interested in became available. Needless to say I immediately checked it out. Once I saw I was in love with it. Then I heard the terms and couldn't say no. So I signed the papers and a month later opened the doors to the public. I had a nice mini grand opening...some how managed to take zero photos.

Friends, family and clients came to see the new space and wish me well on my next endeavor with Trisha Harris Photography. It was an exciting day. One of the visitors was from Amanda. Amanda is one of those special people. We met through facebook over 3 years ago. I just took my first hands on newborn workshop and need practice. She just had her first daughter and wanted newborn photos. She never met me, I don't even think we had mutual friends at the time and she willingly let me pose her baby. She was so great and just did amazing. Had her daughter Jaz been hard to pose, I probably wouldn't be writing this blog today and I would be doing something else. Who knows. But she was the best baby ever, especially for a newbie.

Well the past three years I have continued to photography Jaz as she hit each new year. Then Amanda told me the exciting news that she was expecting her second daughter. I was so excited for her. I couldn't wait to capture this baby too. Well to make it even better, Amanda was full term the day of my grand opening. She came belly and all to see the place. The next day, her daughter was born. It was like she waited just for the studio. Claudia was the first baby in the new studio. It's so cool that Amanda's babies are both my firsts. Claudia like her sister did so good during her session, we got so many great shots. The session worked beautifully in the new studio and flowed so smoothly. It was the fastest session I ever did. I was done an hour before normal. So that is exciting if all babies hold that kind of track record.

I am looking forward to many more babies visiting me in the new studio and capturing their sweet first photos. The new studio is fully equipped with everything you need for a newborn session. All you have to do is bring your sweet baby to me, and I will do the rest. Look and see....

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Beach Maternity Sesion {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

Since I opened the new studio I decided to take a stab at some different marketing approaches. One of those was using Destination Brevard. They are the county's most popular facebook page for all things happening in Brevard from events, to lunch specials to small business support. They have over 20k followers and cover every end of Brevard. So I reached out to Ryan about setting it up. The first post he shared landed in the news feed of Erin. She reached out to me for newborn and maternity photos and here we were a few weeks ago capturing her beautiful maternity session.

Erin and Nick met in college through a mutual friend. They finished school while dating and ended up moving to the Brevard. After two years of marriage they decided it was the right time to grow their little family. Now they await the best Christmas present of all...a sweet little girl due Christmas Eve. Excited to see if she will make her due date or not.

Erin was absolutely stunning during her session. She definitely had the pregnancy glow. It was so nice to work with both of them and capture this special time for them. Pregnancy flies by and before you know it, the sweet little baby is a toddler running around telling you no all the time (ok maybe that's what mine is doing) but the point is, pregnancy is only for a moment. Capture it. Treasure it. Remember it.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

An elegant maternity session {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

Do you ever have those moments when everything sort of falls into place perfectly and you are not really sure how? I like to think God had his hand in this one.

Bucci reached out to me for maternity pictures. She saw my info at her OBGYN's office and reached out to me. She was pretty far along in her pregnancy and my calendar was already super booked. But I have a soft spot for maternity and newborn pictures and always try to make room. So we conversed and emailed and left it at that. Then there was some communication issues on both ends and the day of the session we cleared them up. That meant I had to find a sitter asap for Calvin. Well Justin managed to get off early (he remembered me telling him about the session and figured it was a go). Well glad he did, because it was a go.

So we meet at the beach and the session was beautiful. She was stunning and looked amazing in the maternity gown. Her mom was in town from England and came along. Her husband met up after work and we had enough time to get amazing images. Their son Toby was so cute and his smile is infectious. The whole session worked out perfectly.

Fast forward two days after the session. I am sitting at my Ladies bible study (BSF) and I see this woman who strongly resembles her mom. I thought to myself, there is no way she could be here, she lives in England. The study went by and we all re-grouped and there she was again. This time Bucci was with her! It really was her. Since her mom was staying in town for a while, she figured she would join the BSF too. It was so neat to see them both there. Just a nice way of God showing he was in control of the whole session and made everything worked out. I cannot wait to meet their sweet baby soon.

Check out the images below. Such an elegant twist on maternity images. I love the way it all turned out.

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