Saturday, September 23, 2017

A breathtaking beach maternity Session {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

As we all know the past few weeks have been absolutely crazy with all these Hurricanes...Irma, Jose and Maria. Well because of all these systems the waters at the beach are crazy. There is lots of erosion and the waves are every surfers dream. In fact, I stopped at one small beach access and there was zero parking because the surfers were there.

Kristina's mom contacted me the weekend I just returned from my evacuation trip. She was due Thursday, and wanted maternity images taken. They say my work at Motherhood Maternity. Since they were super flexible I scheduled them before another session. They were so grateful and willing to go to the location I was already planned to shoot at. We got to the no name beach in Satellite beach and started to make our way to the rocks. As we walked, we knew we were taking our chances at getting shots because the water literally came all the way to the edge of the dunes. I confirmed with Kristina that she was good to move forward. I think we both knew the location was perfect. So we took off our shoes and set them in "safe" place or we thought. Within 5 minutes of our shot, our shoes had been taken off to sea along with my favorite step stool. Then a large wave came and that was the end of shooting on beach. Our safety and my gear was not worth the risk. Plus I was confident we had what we needed.

So we headed to the shore. The sun was blazing and there were little options since this is not a "park" beach with your typical access points and ground maintenance. So I found a nice clump of trees and shade and we were able to finish off her session.

Kristina looked amazing and pregnancy looks so great on her. We were so happy to get this done all before her sweet little boy arrived later that week. Unfortunately, the second session was postponed due to the conditions of the beach.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tis the season for family photos! {brevard county family photographer}

Hopefully you have returned to a state of normalcy now that Hurricane Irma is a thing of the past. Overall Brevard County was spared from major damages. I know there were some areas hit harder than others and some dealt with those nasty hurricanes but as a whole we are pretty lucky.

I took my son and we evacuated to Tennessee since I have a sister who lives there. It was by far the longest drive of my life! But we made it to and from without any issues. Once I returned home, we did have water damage that came into three of our rooms. So the flooring has been removed and we will take the next steps to getting it repaired. Thankful that was the only thing we really had to deal with.

It took me a good three days to get back into the swing of things. I felt like my life was on pause for a good week and I had to hit the restart button when I got back. Anyone else feel that way? It seems most people have gotten back into the swing of things and are returning to somewhat normal.

So with that being said I wanted to remind you about the specials we have going on for the Family Photo Season. (yes this time of year is family photo season). I want to make sure you all have enough chances to get on my calendar for a session or partake in a mini session. As always, babies and maternity sessions work differently and will be accommodated. Family sessions, I will do my best to make those work for everyone too, just know dates are filling up quick!

This is a great chance to have fall theme in FL. I can meet you at a pumpkin patch or we can create our own magical fall with the props I have. Either way, you are sure to feel all things pumpkin spice with these sessions. These offer flexibility to schedule what works best for you and what is available on my calendar.

Then there are the traditional Christmas themed mini sessions. There are two dates for these sessions. Sunday October 22nd or Saturday November 11th. Locations are still pending as I want to ensure there are no special events going on and we have a dry location. I have openings left on both dates. These will include Christmas set up and are 20 minute sessions.  I also have several pricing options for you to get some prints too. These can be great to give out as Christmas gifts.

If you are interested in scheduling one of these mini sessions, please contact me to set that up. If you prefer a non themed session, I offer hour sessions at the location of your choice and we can design it around you and your family. I look forward to working with everyone and creating memories for you to cherish year after year!

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Meet Baby Reese {Brevard County Newborn Photographer}

I first interacted with Angie the early part of the year. Angie's husband had just taken a new job at Northrup Grumman and they were getting ready to move here from Texas. She had joined one of the local groups on Facebook and asked about OBGYNs since she was also expecting. I reached out to her to welcome her to the area. Having lived here my whole life, I always try to help others when moving here. Brevard County especially is a special area. Just like any where there are really nice areas and not so nice areas. There are congested areas and not so congested areas. So I think it is nice to know a local when you are looking for answers.

I once knew someone that saw an ad online about Palm Bay. They moved here without ever visiting just because the ad was convincing enough. Much to their surprise, it was not like they envisioned at all. They lived on a street with tons of pot holes and far from everything, including the bodies of water their ad talked about for fishing and family fun. So I think it always helps to get a locals opinion.

So I answered her questions about OBGYNs and places to live relative to where her husband was working. And of course I mentioned I was a photographer and would love to snuggle her new baby. Well, she kept my info handy and closer to her due date she reached out to me. I always love when interactions turn out great for all parties involved.

They have settled into the area, just moved into their new home and welcomed sweet Reese into the world. To say they have a lot going on is an understatement. Then let's add hurricane Irma. Usually during a session we talk all about babies, motherhood, and get to know one another more. This time we talked about that stuff but we really talked about hurricanes. I can't even imagine just moving into your home and bringing home a baby to have to deal with a hurricane. Fortunately they had hurricane shutters and found a generator.

Having lived here my whole life, I never evacuated for a storm until Irma. But due to the uncertain-ness of the storm, the size and not working for corporate America, Justin and I decided I should take Calvin and go spend time with my sister in Tennessee. So I did. After much talk, Angie and her family decided to do the same. Ironically enough we were both in the Knoxville area. We both fared the storm well and made it safely back and forth.

Reese was a trooper through it all. She will have quite a story to tell later in life about her first hurricane at only a few weeks old.

Angie was so kind and patient as she allowed me to focus on the safety of my family, versus editing her images. Of course they traveled with me to remain safe. As did all of my images from every session. Sweet Reese had a great session and we captured some amazing shots of her with her family who adores her and some by herself. She had some great eye contact too during her session. So glad all the hurricane stress is (hopefully) all behind us and we can all go back to enjoying these great moments! Congrats to this sweet family!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Meet Baby Liam {Brevard County Newborn Photographer}

When having your first child there are so many things to learn and know. From feeding, to changing diapers, to sleep schedules to crying cues. It can be  a lot. I remember thinking that 9 months was a long time to prepare only to realize when I was expecting my first, 9 months flew by. Everything I tried to read and learn became information overload once the sleep deprived mommy hood began. Eventually we all bounce back and wonder how we even managed to survive..right?

Well for Melissa, she's been adjusting quite well. Liam came quick from the time she went into labor until he made his appearance. They told her to expect a good8-10 hours but Liam had other plans, he was here less than 5 hours! Some things go by the book and other things don't. We just have to learn to be flexible and ready! Good thing they were ready for him.

Scheduling newborn sessions is a lot like timing the birth, we just kind of guess until is happens. When you schedule a newborn session with me, it is best to schedule in advance to ensure I leave space on my calendar for you. We pencil your due date as the session date and then once baby arrives, we hard schedule the session. We had up to 14 days to schedule a newborn session to ensure a womb like state for posing. No worries, if something happens, we can go past this date.

Melissa will admit she had no clue about scheduling a newborn session, rightfully so since she never had a baby. So when Liam arrived and was looking for a newborn photographer, she noticed a lot were already booking later into the year. She reached out to me, and I had some free space on my calendar. (here's a secret, I love babies and 99% of the time I can squeeze you in). So we quickly worked out the details and got them scheduled. She shared with me that daddy was a firefighter and wanted to use his gear. I was so excited. Months ago I purchased an old fire hose begging to be a prop for pictures. I was finally getting to use it.

Liam was very alert during his session. This used to scare me, but I've learned some babies (mine included) are just alert and nosy and that's ok. We got some great shots of him and with his family. We also captured shots of him with his great grandparents who were kind enough to let us use their home for the session.

Enjoy looking at these sweet images. I love his facial expressions, I feel in true male fashion, he is giving me the "I don't want my picture taken look" a few times. :)

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