Saturday, January 27, 2018

Grassy Field Maternity Session {Brevard Count Maternity Photographer}

When I first met Lori and Ron it was for their design session and studio tour. I like to have all new clients come to the studio and get familiar with the location they will be brining their sweet baby to, get to know one another and design their sessions. This helps you and me at the same time. It allows you to have a sense of peace about what to expect and how things will work and for me it allows me to know your vision and break the ice of meeting one another. Plus I LOVE my studio and want to show it to everyone. :)

So during her design session we discussed dresses. Lori loved a white dress I had that fit her perfectly. But she also wanted a mustard colored dress. She looked but never really found what she loved. Then a vendor was have a flash sale of a lifetime. So I reached out to Lori asking is she liked the gowns that would be available.I couldn't promise I would snag the one she liked but I would try. Well I snagged the one she liked plus a few others to add to my collection. Lori got to wear her mustard one and then agreed to model a few of the other gowns for me too.

The day of Lori's session it was freezing. I think it was the coldest day of the year. I felt so bad, but at the same time she wasn't sweating so that is a plus. Her session was beautiful. The location was the perfect backdrop...warm winter sunset with a clear blue sky, a light breeze to give us the model hair look and the most golden tall grass ever. <3 The gowns worked perfect at this location.

Lori was stunning and I loved that Ron continued to tell her that the entire session. I say this all the time to moms to be, your husband/partner founds you smoking hot pregnant. I know you don't feel that way, but you are! and that is why I love maternity sessions so much. For 9 months (really 10) you carry your sweet baby and deal with morning sickness, nausea, aches and pains, stretch marks, weight gain and then birth that sometimes you forget to see the beauty that surrounds it. Child bearing is still reserved just for woman. How amazing is that? Men can't do it only we can. And it really is the most beautiful stage in a women's life. The best part is I get to capture that time for you so you can look back after the fact and see just how amazingly beautiful you are.

Thanks again, to Lori for modeling all these beautiful gowns. These are now available for clients to wear plus 2 additional gowns. You can see our full collection of gowns here: Maternity Gown Collection 

Here's the highlights from their session.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Lilly turns 10 {Brevard County Children Photographer}

There are certain milestones in life that are worth celebrating a little more than others. Of course we tend to focus a lot on the first few years and then kind of taper of after that. Maybe because we loose our cuteness?? only kidding.  But I wonder why that is?? Hmm. There are so many special milestones that happen after our first birthday.

I think 5 is huge for kids. They are a whole hand of fingers old and most likely ready to start kindergarten which is a big deal. Thirteen is like the right of passage to becoming a teenager, sixteen you get a drivers license and eighteen you become an adult, and the list goes one. Personally I love birthdays so I celebrate every year all month long. Or at least I did until my son was born in the same month and stole my glory. lol

For Lilly, she is celebrating 10!! This is officially become a double digit age, all ten fingers. Never again will she be in the single digits. As her dad said, Single digit midget. Cute! But wow 10 years old. I can remember vaguely turning 10. I thought it was the best thing ever. So does Lilly. She was pretty excited to be 10 and all the fun celebrating her parents had planned for her.

I always love Lilly's story, she was born before 30 weeks of pregnancy and stayed weeks at the NICU. A scary first start to life, this little girl is doing amazing. She has no issues from her early birth and really is a sweet little girl. Her smile is so big it bursts every time and she loves to laugh. She is so smart and caring especially for her bunny and her sweet cousins.

We had a fun time capturing this special time for Lilly. I think our favorite part was the GLITTER!! Mom had the vision and we made it come to life. SO MUCH FUN! I think I may need to do some glitter sessions soon! Feel free to check out the highlights from her session. Happy Birthday Lilly!

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Beach Maternity Session {Brevard County maternity Photographer}

I met with Tricia and Will the other day for their maternity session. It was a cool day in Florida and while the conditions were not ideal for the beach, we had a great sky and even better empty beach. So many times when beach sessions are requested I cringe about the idea of having to remove all the people from the background. It was not the case with their session, I don't even recall seeing anyone else.

Tricia and Will met while serving in the military together over in Germany. Once they finished their assignments they left the military and came back to Fl. They've since gotten married and now they await the arrival of their sweet little girl. These two were one of the most adorable couples ever. They still had that young love fire for one another. I loved the way Will would look at her and smile.

We had a great session and Tricia is just glowing with beauty as she carries her daughter inside. I cannot wait to meet their little girl in a few short weeks.  Here are some highlights from their session.

Location: Paradise Beach
Maternity Gowns: Available to clients at no additional cost.
Flower Crown: Available to clients as well

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