Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Ana Brandt Came to town! {brevard County Photographer}

It has been a hot minute since I have taken the time to blog. I wish I was better at it but sadly other priorities take over. However, this week is a week to remember and the best way to do this with a blog...right?

So let's start from the beginning. It was about  years ago and I was diving into the world of newborn photography. I fell in love with Ana's work. I couldn't afford her training at the time, so I just stalked her from that point forward. As I continued to grow, Ana also continued to grow bigger and bigger. She is WORLD famous but you would never know meeting her. Thanks to the internet and all the advances and changes, she began offering online courses and training. I signed up and watched them for hours. I watched her live videos and just soaked in all the information I could.

In June of 2019, I had the chance to meet her in Orlando for a Baby Clinic and Maternity Clinic she was teaching. It was out of this world. I began to dream of Ana coming to my studio. I knew if I continued to work hard and stand out. She would come. I was featured in several of her magazines and did my best to stay on her radar. Any time she asked for locations, I begged her to come to mine.

Then at the end of 2019 her son, Evan, just as talented as his mom, offered a marketing video special. When he agreed to travel I snatched the deal. Part of me hoped I would get a two for one deal but schedules didn't align. He came and shot the most amazing maternity video. You can see it here. His vision was so creative and brought to life what I waned and more. He even went back with positive feedback for his mom (#winning)

Then is happened, she had the opening to come to Florida and choose my studio. Right here in little Palm Bay Fl. I was in shocked. I couldn't believe it. Then she agreed to doing two baby clinics in one day. So I got her the WHOLE day!!! It was so much fun, I learned so much and walked away feeling excited to capture amazing set ups for my clients.

Everyone who came for the workshops was so nice to meet. We had women from Georgia, Tennessee and all over Florida. It really was a fun amazing day. I had some key takeaways from the day that included mastering a heart bowl set up. I have seen the final product but could never quite create the result. I also got to see her use some of my very own props and accessories to create set ups in ways I never thought of. This was huge for having a creativity block and getting outside my comfort zone. Then we had Kaylie at the workshop and she is expecting so Ana convinced her to put on a maternity gown and we quickly did a maternity pose session with lighting.

I love learning, I love connecting with other photographers and I love taking my photography to new levels. I will never forget this day.....

and even better....she is coming back in December to focus a full day around maternity. I cannot wait!!!



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