Monday, April 24, 2017

Meet Baby Wyatt {Space Coast Newborn Photographer}

As many of you know I went full time with photography last year after Calvin was born. I left my banking job after 9 years to enjoy time with Calvin and focus on my business. It was the best decision ever. As part of the :focus on my business" efforts I wanted to partner with a local Dr. to get in front of ladies having babies that I may not reach from other advertising efforts. I called several offices and Dr. Wolk's office was awesome. They were so willing to work with me and let me put some materials in their waiting room. I offered one of their clients a free session since they were looking for some marketing materials for their website. So they choose Leslie and her family. Such a great choice. They were so nice to meet and modeled so well.

Baby Wyatt was welcomed into the world by his mom and dad and sweet sister Lily. Best big sister ever. She was so concerned if he cried or if he was ok with my poses. I love when little ones get excited. She wanted to pose with him so bad too! I love that even more when kids are interested in pictures. Makes my job so much easier.

I am so thankful for Leslie and her family partnering with us to make this happen. They were a great help. Check out how sweet they are:

Meet Baby Bryant {Space Coast Newborn Photographer}

Do you ever have one of those...I know you but I don't know you moments? A lot of times I blame that on social media. We see people in our news feeds and we think we know someone. When I worked at the bank I saw people outside of the bank All. The. Time. I would never remember their names even though at the bank I knew everyone's names. It was like a switch would turn off once I left. My poor husband is not on social media and this happens to him all the time because I am always posting about him. People think they know him and recognize him. Well let's go to Baby Bryant's newborn session.

I had spoke with mom for a couple months before he made his entry. We only ever talked via email. We set up the entire session and everything was great. Due to email default settings, my email changed her contact name to her maiden name. So when I walked into their home I was perplexed. I kept looking at dad thinking I know this guy. Apparently he was thinking the same thing. So after about 5 minutes of questioning one another without coming out and asking....we figured it out. He went to school with my sister and I went to school with his brother. Such a small world. Well Bryant will most likely have this happen to him later in life as he looks just like his daddy!

He was such a sweet boy. I loved snuggling with him. Baby boys always bring me back to my sweet Calvin when he was first born. I swear I don't remember him being that little. It went by so fast. That is why I am always thrilled when you choose to capture newborn photos. This really is an investment worth it for years to come. These are the images you will cherish forever. I know Bryant's parents will cherish these images too!

He was so alert when we first started but soon fell asleep once we got him cozy and wrapped. We even did a few lifestyle shots of his nursery. Love the decor by the way! 

I want to help you treasure your sweet little one's first weeks of life and provide you with precious memories to hold on to forever. Contact me today. Let's chat about making this a reality for you!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Cake Smash Sessions {Brevard County Photographer}

Birthdays! I love birthdays! Why? because that is the day you were given your first breath of life. That is YOUR day and should be celebrated. So naturally I love doing cake smash sessions with my clients. It's a session all about them and they get to have fun and get dirty with cake!!

I am behind on this blogging thing...forgive me. But in the last two months we had 3 fun cake smash sessions I want to highlight. The first was sweet Madalynn. I met her at her six month session and she just stole my heart with her sweet smile and chunky little rolls. (the only time in our life chunky and rolls are cute) We were able to capture some awesome shots of her and her parents together. I love incorporating mom and dad any chance I can. Then we pulled out the cake and let her go to town and she loved every second on it. She was not a very messy cake eater which was so cute in itself. (just keep reading the boys tear up their cakes). I am so glad we captured this sweet milestone for her.

Then I met Logan a few weeks later. This was his first photo session with me so we had to make sure it was special. We included a few family pictures but then it was all about him! He loved my hat and boy did he tear into his cake! This boy was so sweet and had a beautiful smile but once the cake came he was focused.

Then finally my sweet boy turned one! How did that go so fast!? I am sure these other moms are asking the same thing. Of course my son would give me a run for my money. Thankful his Aunt Dawn was here to help out so we could get this done. :)

 Is your child celebrating a milestone? Cake Smash session are always fun at any age. Not a fan of cake? No worries we have other ideas from painting sessions to watermelon fun. Contact me today about setting up a session for your little one to capture their special milestone! I look forward to working with you!