Friday, March 31, 2017

Woodpile Sessions {Brevard county Child Photographer}

About 6 months ago we moved from Palm Bay to Malabar...yes they are completely different towns. Now that we are living in Malabar we have some property which is so nice....we also have more trees. That means more leaves ( I hate oak leaves) too. Well the trees are large old trees that required some trimming. We finally got around to it a month ago. It always amazes me how much a tree limb triples in size when you cut it off the tree. There were tree limbs every where. It took us a few days to get it cleared up, but we had a special helper along the way.

We took down a few trees that were not pleasing to the eye which gave us nice size pieces for firewood. Since we have a fireplace, we need a collection of firewood. I am a Florida girl so I get cold and enjoy a warm fire. Well once we got all the wood cut to size and hauled to the side of the yard, my husband started to load it into a pile. About mid way into this, I came out to help and noticed a prime "photo opp". Of course I got excited. I began to tell him that we needed to lay the wood strategically and I needed one or two out to sit on. He might have rolled his eyes for a second but he was a good sport and did what I requested.

Then of course I had to get Calvin to model for me. He loved the tree stump props I used for him. He was actually a really good sport and gave mommy some awesome shots. The woodpile isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So if you love this look, come on by so we can capture you and your family in front of it.

Deanna had her kiddos come down and we got some great shots of them too! Interested in your own, contact me to set up a mini session. :)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Business Spotlight {Brevard County Photographer}

Children, family and newborns are my main focus with photography. I take on a select number of weddings each year and every once in a while I work with businesses/organizations in our area to meet their needs too. This past month I had the pleasure of working with two different business/organizations.

The first was a local law firm: Hayworth and Chaney PA. I worked with them while I was in banking and they were in need of some updated head shots. I've always said that when you are interacting with people you are always being interviewed. You just never know when they will need you for a job. Fortunately for me, they valued my work while at the bank so there decision to use me for head shots came from that experience. It is truly humbling when people see your hardwork and value you because of it.

Mike Hayworth and Glen Chaney have their law firm located in Melbourne Florida along route 1. They have been practicing law in this area since 1989. Their area of expertise is civil and trial law, protecting and defending their clients who have been wronged or face lawsuits by others. If you or someone you know is looking for a law firm to represent your case, please contact them. You can find their information on their site Hayworth & Chaney PA

I also had the privilege of working with a local organization, Serene Harbor. My dear friend and former colleague, Beverly DeMeyer is their marketing director. Since their board of directors recently changed members, they needed an updated image of their board. Serene Harbor is a local non for profit organization that works with those who are faced with domestic violence. They offer emergency shelter, counseling, and outreach. They have their annual event, In her Shoes, to raise support, awareness and funds for the organization and women's domestic violence. If you want to get involved or learn more, please visit their site and consider attending their upcoming event.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Newborn Workshop {Brevard County Newborn Photographer}

When I decided I wanted to photograph newborns, I knew I needed the right training. I was posing a tiny human and wanted to ensure their safety was my number one priority. So I went in search of a workshop. I found Cherise Kiel out of Arizona. She taught workshops and had one in Jacksonville Fl. This was about 2 years ago. I loved every second of the workshop and learned so much. There was so much information discussed it was overwhelming in a good way.

Fast forward to this past week. As an artist and a business owner I am always looking to grow in multiple ways. I want to push myself to work harder, to learn more and to accomplish big things. So I wanted to brush up once again on some of my newborn knowledge. After all knowledge is power. So when I heard Cherise was coming back to FL, I jumped at the opportunity for a workshop with her again. My sister and fellow photographer, Dawn and I went together for a day filled with fun and lots of learning.

This was exactly what I needed. The first time was great but it was so much information, there was no way I could absorb it all. So this was like a refresher course to fill the gaps where my memory failed me. It was a one day workshop and we had two adorable models. These babies were so cute but they were a little fussy. While Cherise didn't appreciate it, myself and the other attendees did because we got to see how she handled these babies and didn't let an upset baby ruin the session and had other options to complete the session.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer, I strongly urge you to check to see what type of training they have had. Babies are tough yet fragile at the same time. I invest in the time to learn from the pros and get the proper training I need to safely handle your baby. No pose is worth harming your child for my lack of knowledge. I would never aim to put your baby in harms way and to ensure that, I continue to grow in my trade by learning and training often.


If you are a photographer and you are looking for newborn workshops, I highly suggest Cherise. She is AWESOME. She too is always growing in her craft and just amazes me with her skills. She is an open book and will answer any question you have. Follow her along on her FaceBook page Cherise Kiel Photography

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Allison's 6 month milestone {Brevard County Child Photographer}

Allison was one of the first babies I got to snuggle and photograph after I had Calvin. Unlike most photographers, I started photography long before children. In fact, if you have followed for some time, then you remember me posting about how photography changed my heart to want children. You can read about it here.

I always loved photographing newborns long before I had Calvin, but once I had him, I was changed once again. I knew the importance of the images I was capturing for my clients even more because I had lived it. I gave birth and in a moment my life was changed. I suddenly had a baby to care for and he did not want to sleep in the early days which left me most new moms are. I feel that the first month was a complete blur. I wish I snuggled him more. I wish I starred at him a little longer. I wish I could have made time stand still just a little longer. But the reality is I couldn't and no one else can....BUT I can capture beautiful images for you to hold on to. I still look at Calvin's images in awe that he was really that tiny.

So when I did Allison's newborn shoot, I knew what I was capturing was going to mean the world to her mom and dad. I knew the connection and the emotion that they would experience, because I finally experienced it. Just like Calvin, Allison so was tiny and precious, and just like that she is now 6 months old. Time really does fly by. She is such an expressive happy baby. I enjoyed capturing her 6 month photos to see her little personality coming alive. Soon she will be crawling and walking and this phase of life will be in the past but fortunately we have these sweet images to remind us of this stage and milestone.

If your little one is approaching a milestone, please contact me for setting up a milestone session. I have several options available to make the memories never fade.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Products I love to offer my clients {brevard county photographer}

Over the past couple of years our photography world has shifted BIG. There have been so many fast advances with technology and how we take pictures, it is almost hard to keep up with. There are literally hundreds of different types of camera. There are film cameras (yes people still use those), point and shoot cameras, DSLR, mirrorless, instant, and cell phone cameras to name a few. And within these main categories are sub the list goes on. and on. and on. You get the point.

Well because there are so many, that means they are so easy to have access to it. I remember as a child my mom had this "fancy" camera. It took film of course and the film was these circular disk types. She couldn't just snap a picture every time she wanted to because she was limited by the amount of pictures that disk held and then she had to get them developed to even see it. So it was a process. Nowadays, we take a photo and seconds later we see the image on a screen looking back at us. Sometimes I think this instant gratification has taken away the art of true photography and what the images actually look like when they are printed. After all, isn't that how it was years ago?

So many times I have clients requesting digital copies and they don't even consider the print option. Yet every time I provide them with a print, they are in awe at the quality and the magnitude the pictures has when it has been printed. You can't get that from a digital view on a screen.

I want to show you (the best I can through a blog) some of the items I offer you from your session. I don't want my clients to feel they all have to get the same thing. I give you options to purchase exactly what YOU want and don't pressure you into a one-size-fits-all formula.

Here is one of the custom leather covered albums I offer. This is absolutely beautiful in person. It has a soft leather cover with a window image. The pages lay flat and are thick pages that won't bend easily when turning. I always recommend this for my wedding couples and anyone else highlighting something special they want others to see. This would look great on a coffee table in your home for visitors to look at time and time again and doesn't take up wall space.
Another one of my favorites is the custom USB drive and Proof Box. This box is designed to hold your USB so it doesn't get lost and to hold images or mementos from that time. So when I had my son, I had a box made to hold not only images from his newborn session, but also to hold special things he would receive during the first year. They are 5x7 in size and are custom with any image from your session. The look great on a shelf on display or on a side table as a book end. The uses for these boxes are endless. 
In addition to albums and USB boxes, I offer prints in all sizes as well as canvas prints too. I want you to see you and your loved ones as art and display these beautiful images in your home. 

Interested in learning more, please drop me a line. I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February In Review {Brevard County Photographer}

Hello March! It seems 2017 is moving along quite fast and we are already entering into the 3rd month of the year. I know they say it goes by fast the older you get, but man it is flying by. I think adding a kid to the mix makes it go by faster too. Watching him change every day right before my very own eyes. I wish there was a pause button to keep him little just a little longer. Fortunately I have TONS of pictures and videos of him to look back on and remember these special days. I hope you are doing the same thing with those in your life...taking the time to capture a few memories here and there so years later you can look back and smile at the wonderful memories made.

The age we live in is great. We have cameras at our fingertips with unlimited storage. It makes taking a picture so easy and simple. Yet as you know, there is still the need for quality professional images. I am so fortunate to have amazing clients like you, that come to me time and time again to capture milestones and special events for your family to cherish.

I wanted to do a quick review of the amazing memories I captured this month.
Ella Turned 1

The Lecun family updated their family portrait

 Raegan turned one!

 The Miller's Celebrated 25 years of marriage

The McQuaig family was highlighted for the March of Dimes Ambassador Family

 Allison turned 6 months old

There was a huge wildfire that could be seen for miles

My nephews celebrated their birthday

And let's not forget my sweet baby turned 10  months old.

February is a short month that went by fast with lots of excitement. I hope you took the time to capture some great memories. Have a special milestone coming up? Adding to the family or just need to update the family photo? Let's chat. I want to help you preserve your memories and create artwork that you want to hang in your home. :)