Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy Birthday to me and savings for you!

So if you have been a friend of mine or followed me for any length of time, then you know that the month of April is a pretty awesome month. First I married my husband 11 years ago this year on April fools day! Yes we were a bunch of crazy fools to get married then. Look how young we were!

Last year our son Calvin was born the day after our 10 year anniversary on April 2nd...So needless to say we celebrate two days in a row with anniversary and birthday. Here he is from birth to one.

And finally my birthday is April 15th! Since It's right in the middle of the month I like to celebrate ALL month long. However, Calvin has interrupted these plans the past two years. So I will celebrate periodically throughout the month. :)

This year I want to celebrate with you! Since I am turning 32 years old I am going to offer all of you a special gift:

Buy a gift certificate for $100 and only pay $68! That's a $32 savings!! (see what I did there) Buy as many as you want. Use them for yourself or gift them to family and friends. You can use them for session fees or to purchase prints/products from your sessions. They don't expire so stock up! 

To take advantage of this special, please email me at Thank you!

Offer ends at Midnight 04/15/2017

***gift cards purchased under this special can be used toward any future session or product purchase. Cannot be used with previously paid sessions or product purchases. Gift cards can be used with other discounts you may have already received such as a % off a session or product purchase. No limit to the number you can purchase. They do not expire. Session fees or product prices are subject to change*****

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