Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Meet Sweet Layla....a Rainbow of Hope {brevard county newborn photographer}

So a few months ago I had the pleasure of capturing Nikki's pregnancy for her maternity session. You may recall it was the Rainbow session that was featured on!?! Well their sweet little rainbow of hope, has made her way Earth side and she is perfect in every. single. way!

Jeff and Nikki endured so much to conceive their baby and just when they thought the fight was over, they would face one more big battle...the delivery. Nikki's first born, Greyson was breech so they did a C-section. So when she was pregnant with Layla, her and her doctor discussed doing a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). The doctor was confident that this was a great option for them. Layla was in perfect position and the doctor performed many VBACS without any issues.

The day came for Layla to come. Things started off ok, but soon the pain intensified but the progress did not. They monitored Nikki very close to ensure everything was ok with her and the baby. After hour of laboring and no progress to deliver, the doctor decided the best thing would be to deliver her via C-Section. After all they wanted what was best for baby and mommy.

The doctor delivered the baby and she was taken for measurements, check up etc. Meanwhile Nikki was being taken care of by the doctor. And fortunately she was in great care. There is a less than 1% chance that when you deliver a child via VBAC (or an attempt) that the uterus can rupture due to the previous incision. Nikki was that 1%! Fortunately for her and Layla, the doctor handled the situation with ease and other than the extreme pain Nikki felt during labor, they were not made aware of the situation until after Layla was safely delivered and Nikki was taken care of. Her doctor not only delivered her sweet baby, but saved their lives.

Layla couldn't be more perfect and Nikki is doing great since the delivery. So happy this story has such a beautiful ending.

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