Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cocoa Beach Maternity Session {Brevard County Materntiy Photographer}

It's a small world after all. Did you just sing that as you read it? I totally did while I typed it. haha. Somethings are just like that I guess. Well it really is a small world.

Kristen contacted me to document her maternity and newborn sessions....patiently waiting for baby to come as we speak. We talked and planned and she made mention she was referred by Rachel (THANK YOU RACHEL). And I thanked her for listening to her friend's advice. The day came when it was time for her session and just like the last few posts, the rain had other plans so we rescheduled.

We met at Cocoa Beach pier. I was greeted by her and her husband and two sweet boys. I like to know about the people I am working with. I like to ask questions and get to know you and your kids. I think it makes it easier to work with each other and to just be more personable. Plus after being in a customer service roll for so long, it comes naturally to me.

As we talked little light bulbs started to go off in my head. Turns out Joey, the dad to be grew up with my husband. Like lived a few streets away! And a wedding we attending a few years ago, they were both there! Crazy right!

One of the things I loved about this session is that while it seems like a lot of chaos, there was so much beauty captured. Once again, mom to be ended up loving wearing the maternity gowns I offer. Why because pregnancy is beautiful. Pregnancy is amazing. Pregnancy is special. Wearing these gowns allows you to just feel all of this and when you see the pictures it puts it all into perspective despite how you feel while pregnant. We captured that beauty along with the life of two boys (soon to be 3) and the love of it all.

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