Monday, October 23, 2017

Twins...double the love {Palm Bay Newborn Photographer}

When Lisa contacted me and told me she was due with twins I was so excited. While it seems twins are more popular these days then years before, I have only photographed one other set of twins. My sister has twin boys and I photograph them all the time but never did their newborn photos. In fact they are 8years old now and when they were born I didn't even hold them. I was scared of babies. Now look at me. I want all the babies! LOL Funny how life changes you.

So the most exciting part of the whole thing is that she and her husband waited until they were born to know the gender. How awesome is that. I am a control freak and needs to know kind of person, so I don't think I could have waited it out. But I think it is awesome when others can do this. I mean when I was born my parents had to wait, it has only been more recent that you can determine the sex and now see them in live 3D/4D settings.

I was so excited when she texted me after they arrived to tell me they were girls!!! Boys are great and I love my boy, but having two girls to photograph at once was like overdrive. All the cute stuff you can do with girls. I immediately reached out to other photographers for some cute matching stuff. Kelly Bouchard with The little moments photography let me use her adorable bonnets. I had a few other coordinating goodies and then found some from some prop vendors. I also received assistance from Kelly Pino Photography the day of the session. I never do newborns without a second hand. They require all of the attention and I want mom and dad to get a breather.

The girls did great and were a dream to work with. They really did rock their session. Their big sister was also amazing to work with. Loved her big girl smile. This is one blessed family and I am so glad they were able to complete it with Bianca and Cecilia.

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