Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Carter's First Fall {Palm Bay Children's Photographer}

If anyone has lived here any length of time they know that the weather we have had this time of year is just insane. Yes it rains in Florida and yes it rains a lot BUT it never rains like this in October....As a photographer this is super stressful. Let me be real. The amount of rain that has fallen has created havoc on sessions. First hoping the rain doesn't show up the day of the session. Second hoping the rain has not ruined the area you were planning on taking the photos due to flooding. And lastly, bugs! The mosquitoes are on steroids right now. They are huge and everywhere. There is no escaping them.

So when Carter's mom Casey reached out to book his fall session I thought for sure the rain and craziness would have been done. I was wrong. The day of the session we were pounded with more rain. And it wasn't stopping. So normally we would have to reschedule and go from there. BUT thanks to my new studio space we were able to do the entire fall session right there. I brought in the bales of hay, with the pumpkins and the fall foliage. It was a perfect little set up...right in my studio! How cool is that?! I thought it was cool, mom and dad were actually happier being inside and Calvin loved the Hay too. (warning if you have a toddler don't bring hay into your home)

So mom also had the idea of painting his little butt to look like a pumpkin. So stinking cute. The things we do to our kids. (no worries it was non toxic paint).

This having a studio thing is going to be super awesome for situations like this. Not all will work out but when they do, that makes for happy clients and happy photographer. :)

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