Sunday, May 14, 2017

Madison Grayce: A story of Hope {Brevard County Newborn Photographer}

This is one of the most touching sessions I have done to date. You may want to get some tissues before you sit down and read this.

Meet George and Megan. I met Megan at West Shore JR/SR High School in the 9th grade back in 2000....over 17 years ago. We had mutual friends and hung out a lot. I left the school the following year and she eventually moved to Japan since she was military. There she met George who was also a military family. They left Japan and landed back in Fl and their relationship blossomed and they wed. As many young couples, they dreamed of a family. They longed for it, but once they began to get serious they realized this dream was going to be a little harder for them.

Megan and George underwent the IVF process three times to try and conceive with no success. Those of you that have gone through this process know the struggle the faced here. Between the shots, the stress, the hormones, the financial strain and the glimmer of hope taken after each failed attempt, they never let go of their dream to have a family. As friends, I just saw a small glimmer of their struggle.

Since IVF did not work, they began to look for other alternatives for having a family. They looked into foster care and even adopting through foster care. Then they began to work with an agency to adopt. Last year they finished the last leg of the process. Again, like IVF, adopting is another process that takes a huge toll of you. But this past March they finally got a call. There was a mother expecting a child in Tampa and wanted to interview them. As Megan recalls it was the biggest interview of her life.

They were chosen and super excited to finally welcome a baby into their hearts and home. Their family was about to be complete. I will never forget when I read the message from Megan about newborn photos for their soon to be little girl. I was so excited for her. Having struggled to conceive myself, I knew the joy she must have felt to have her prayers answered. Their little girl was due in May.

Unfortunately due to some health risks the mother had, Madison Grayce came 9 weeks early. At 31 weeks 5 days Madison was delivered safely weighing a hefty 2lbs 11oz! A tiny miracle with a long road ahead. George and Megan finally had their little girl but they would still have to wait until Madison was healthy and strong to be released. They spend 29 days in NICU over in Tampa. Thankfully the Ronald Mcdonald house allowed them to stay there to avoid commuting. They were able to bond with their baby and watch her grow strong. Once she reached 4lbs she was able to go home.

When I went to their home, there were so many waves of emotion that filled their house. Happiness and joy just beamed from their faces as they looked at their sweet girl and held her. She was their ray of hope. She was their miracle. As Megan said: She is the answer to our 10 year wait...definitely work the wait! I couldn't agree more with that. I am so thankful to have been a part of this special time and to document sweet Madison. She is so precious and loved. It brings me so much joy knowing my work is providing them memories they will certainly cherish forever. This is a memory they will never forget. Congrats Megan and George, Madison is precious!!!

The size of her first diaper compared to an iphone6plus

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  1. Very touched by this beautiful heart warming story. I have watched little Madison as she grew on Facebook. It's been a wonderful experience just seeing how loving and caring George and Megan adored their beautiful bundle of joy. God gave them this little miracle to build a beautiful life as a loving family. God Bless. Elaine & Art