Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sunrise Maternity Session {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

So as many of you know this year is my first year 100% in business. Besides my sweet precious boy, nothing else is taking up my time. I no longer have another job. I am not doing this part time to pass the time. I am 100% committed and giving it all I got and loving every minute of it. Part of the 100% is marketing. Marketing is a lot of work. You have to be out there for everyone to see you and notice you and that can take a lot of time, energy and money. (let's be honest) I wish had Morgan and Morgan's marketing budget...then everyone in FL would know about me. LOL

One of the things I did for marketing myself was create a magazine. I love the way it turned out. I use this magazine to leave with Dr. offices (thank you Dr. Wolk and Dr. Hayes for letting me drop one off with your offices) and I also left one with Motherhood Maternity. After all they are the only maternity store in the area. Halina the store manager took my materials even though we both knew that "corporate" would only allow her to do so much with them. I know this because it was the same at the bank.

Sydney, was recently shopping at Motherhood and asking about photographers and low and behold Halina had my material still and shared it with her. Sydney and her husband JD are newer to the area since he is stationed here for his service in the Airforce (thank you for your service...military members save 20% year round). I was ecstatic when she contacted me and told me that she was referred by Motherhood Maternity. It really means a lot when anyone refers me. So Sydney and I talked and planned the perfect sunrise maternity session.

Sydney had a vision of how she wanted her session to look. I showed her my gowns, many which she liked but just wasn't the one she was dreaming of. So together we hunted down the one she would want and I added a new dress to my collection! (You can see dresses I offer here). All maternity sessions have access to my gowns so you don't have to spend money on something you will never wear again. I love the gown she choose and it came with matching shorts. It's very flowy...which is perfect for the beach and it conceals too. So we met up at Paradise beach. I love this beach because it gives us several options besides just "beach". We had the most amazing sunrise too. It was perfect.

Sydney is just glowing in her images and JD is just as excited. I cannot wait to meet their sweet little girl in a few short weeks! Take a look at these beautiful images.

Are you expecting? Want to document your maternity? Let's chat about creating a session you will never forget. Contact me today!

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