Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Custom Orders {Brevard County Photographer}

We live in a digital age that makes everything instant! Right at our fingertips. We hate waiting for anything, we want it fast. I am guilty of this. If my computer takes two extra seconds to do something I am yelling at Justin for him to come make it faster! Do you relate?

Well in the photography world this affects the way images are presented nowadays. Long ago they had to develop the film and then process the film and then print the image. A whole lot of steps for one image. Now we shoot hundreds of images on a mini little card, upload it and Ta-da we can see it. We can edit it and post a preview in minutes from snapping the picture. Which in some instances is awesome. But when you are investing in quality photography, you should also invest in quality prints. No one buys a Porsche and puts cheap tires on it right?! So why pay a photographer who has a 20 megapixel camera to capture a moment for you to view on a 3in cell phone screen?! Doesn't make sense right?

I didn't think it did either. I have always loved photos. I used to know cut and paste photo albums. I have a kid. I don't have time for that LOL so I do digital scrapbooks (less mess and time and prints beautifully). So I value what pictures look like in print. I also love to hang photos on my wall. I feel family should decorate our walls not emptiness. So when I thought about how I wanted to market myself as a photographer, I decided to go the old school way and offer custom prints and orders to my clients. WHY? Because you deserve the option to have high quality prints and albums to preserve your investment. And yes I still offer digital files with EVERY order option. I get it we all want digital...we want it on our facebook wall, we feel a sense of safety because we have the digital file etc.

So here are a few custom orders I have recently filled for my clients. I love that my clients believe in me and the products I offer and love them as much as I do!

Custom Album and USB drive from a wedding

Print Order complete with custom album and USB Proof Box

Print Order ready to create a stunning wall display

Mini Session Special Package

Proof Prints to go with Custom USB drive and Proof Box

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