Thursday, March 12, 2015

Meet Wyllow

The other weekend I got to meet one of my husband's co-workers. Justin is a driver for Waste Management but works down in Vero, about a half hour-- forty-five minutes for home. He works alone for the most part and long hours so hanging out with his co-workers rarely happens. But Bob his lead mechanic and him have a great bond. They both enjoy each other and work well together. So Bob has been trying to get Justin to come to his place in Stuart, Fl for a while now. Life kept getting in the way. So Bob figured I'll get his wife down here then he will have to hang out with me. Well it worked. :)

Bob's son Robert and his wife Amanda welcomed their first born into the world in February. Little Miss Wyllow. So we went down to Stuart to capture this beautiful bundle of joy, the family and hang out. It was so neat to see my husband support me on a shoot. He goes to a few with me, but mostly family. This was his first time seeing me with a newborn. He was very supportive.

Bob was an amazing host. He cooked us homemade spaghetti and meatballs (delicious by the way) and even had gluten free pasta for me. It was a great Sunday afternoon. And little Miss Wyllow did amazing. We got some awesome shots and she didn't even cry too much.

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