Monday, March 9, 2015

A new style of Photography

A few weeks ago we posted a little tease on our FaceBook page about our fun Boudoir Session we had. Well that kind of blew up in our face as there were a few people who were very upset over this and felt the need to share. So we agreed to not place those images on FB, however the internet is full of different venues for posting images and sharing stuff. We have our Website where we will feature a few of the images and our blog page here that we can share freely with you. If you don't want to see these images, don't click the links and certainly don't keep reading. ;)

We had two beautiful models for our first every Boudoir Marathon. It was such a FUN day. These two ladies did an awesome job. (due to special requests only 1 model will be shown) My super talented sister Dawn was our stylist for the day. She is a licensed hair and make-up stylist so these girls were in great hands. Good thing, because this is NOT my specialty. Each model was pampered for about an hour getting her hair and make-up styled. Then we began shooting. It was a lot of fun as we rotated so there was never that boredom moment really. We all talked, laughed and just had a great day of being girls. Think back to your childhood years when you would play dress up- remember how much fun that was?! This was the adult version.

Reyna, our model we will be sharing with you is absolutely stunning in so many ways. She is comfortable in her own skin, which made my job even easier. The part I loved the most was that she was not afraid. I know this style of photography can be scary and you can feel vulnerable, but please know, the idea is to show you that you are beautiful and that your body is too. We all have scars, imperfections, extra weight in one area, or whatever the flaw we notice but the idea is to look past all of that and see you for you. Not to mention I have watched several teaching videos and read countless articles on how to pose you so that these flaws melt away and you see past them and just the beauty at hand. The other part I loved, was that she was doing this for her husband. He actually knew ahead of time about this and trust me when I say he was excited. That's what we want to create...excitement with you and your spouse. There are so many things pulling you away from one another, our time is short and we get distracted. Maybe we have changed a little over the years, but the truth is our men love us more than we know. We need to love ourselves like they do and we need to give them something to always look at and treasure.

I seriously cannot wait for the next marathon. Stay tuned as you will not want to miss out. This will be a fun time of being a girl, feeling beautiful and embracing the bodies we are given.