Saturday, January 17, 2015

Which Location is Right for me?

Once a client schedules a session they are left deciding two important things 1.what do I wear? which I covered in this blog post here. 2. Where should we have our session??

When working with your photographer, they usually have a few places in mind when talking to you. They will ask you a few questions to ensure you are going to fit the locations they have in mind. The decision though, ultimately needs to be one that you feel will be an ideal fit for your family and lifestyle.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on a location:
1. water- water creates a beautiful landscape whether it is the beach, the river or a pond. It gives a sense of peace and harmony to the images.

2. Trees! Trees are a great asset to have at any location. They create beautiful backgrounds and they become a prop. You can lean up against the tree, you can climb the tree you can hand decorations from the tree and much more. Trees help create a background that doesn't go on for miles and gives the eye a stopping point.

3. Architecture- not everyone is into the nature seen when taking photos and that's ok. We are all different. That's when architecture is key in choosing a location. Look for a place that has textured walls and detail in the buildings around you. Steps allow you to create different heights in photos naturally without looking "posed". Architecture also brings an artsy feeling some images.

4. Personality- you have to remember your personality when choosing a location too. If you and your family never go to the beach, hate the water and don't like sand- then the beach is the LAST place you want your photo taken. We all have a place that we enjoy as a family- the beach, a park, the woods so you will want to choose a location that fits your family.

5. Your home- Many times clients don't want their photo taken at their home. My point here is that you should consider how you decorate your home. Once your session is over these images will be displayed in your home. Hopefully in a large format that everyone can see. If you have a very neutral colored home with a lot of greys and whites, then you probably don't want a location that would clash with that if hung on the wall. A beach environment would be a little more suiting than a rustic wooded environment.

6. Options- one other thought to consider are the options with your location. A lot of people enjoy a beach location. However, this option can be limited compared to a location that has a pond, a building, trees and other details to create different options for your images. The beach can be very simple and the landscape won't change much from image to image. 

There are a lot of great places here in Brevard County to have your picture taken. Sometimes all we have to do is look around to see them. If you are unsure about a location and you really don't mind, then always trust your photographer. Look at their other images and choose a location based off images you like or talk to them to see if they have another location in mind that you would enjoy too. At the end of the day, you and your family will be the subject of the images so you don't have to stress so much about the location.

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