Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Waiting for Baby Mcgee! {Brevard County Maternity Photographer}

When I first met Caitee it was at the studio for her design appointment. We had decided on the dress and choose a beach as a location for the session. We were all set to go.....then...the weather.

Our first date was rescheduled due to life and plans. Then our second date was rescheduled due to crazy weather...aftermath of a hurricane. Finally the day of the session and we are good to go....well Kind of.

We both arrive at the beach and get changed and begin shooting. Since they have a small son, we focused a lot of mom and just popped dad and son in for a few shots. So as we are working on the session, I begin to cough  more than normal. Now I am known for choking on my own spit, but this was beyond the normal range for that. It was weird. I knew I wasn't sick but I was coughing. Mom coughed a little too.

Finally after creating a lot of beautiful images I joked with mom and said oh maybe it is red tide! Would you know that less than a day later there were reports of red tide coming to our coast! How crazy is that. It is not common to the east coast which I told mom since she was originally from the west coast of Fl where it is more common. I felt so bad having her out there pregnant and expose to that. Fortunately it was just the beginning and we were both fine after our visit to the beach.

Mom looked absolutely amazing. In fact she told me she felt so beautiful in these images. I LOVE hearing that from moms. Pregnancy is rough. It can do weird things to our bodies and we can feel miserable and not pleasant but the truth is pregnancy is so beautiful and when you look back I want you to see the beauty and remember the beauty of it!

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