Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Meet the Valdez Couple {Brevard COunty Photographer}

I used to work with a lot of couples when I did weddings. But since I have removed them from my service offerings, just couple shoots are slim unless it is a maternity shoot, which lets face it is a little different.

Chrissy found me on facebook through Destination Brevard's facebook page. Her and Jay had not had photos since their wedding back in Boston. Since then they moved to Florida, battled breast cancer and grew closer in love. And boy did it show. Their personalities were so much fun to work with. You could tell the rest of the world faded and they really loved everything about one another.

Chrissy is a breast cancer survivor all thanks to Jay. He actually found her lump which led to a follow up with a dr. After a long battle, she is doing well. It was so neat to hear that part of their story.

Having moved to Florida due to their love of Disney, the weather and the beaches; the beach was the ideal place to have their session. The best part was their fun willingness to get down in the water as the waves tried to carry Chrissy away. Good thing Jay was holding her tight!

Are you celebrating a love milestone? Maybe you just want pictures of you and your significant other....celebrate your love with photos. I would love to help. See all the beautiful highlights from their session.

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