Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why Trisha Harris Photography?

In today's day and age everyone has a camera. And everyone has a digital camera at their fingertips with their smart phones. In fact our generation now, is the most photographed generation ever! Think about it. We photograph everything these days. With digital photography there is no longer the fear of wasting a roll of film on bad images, you just delete what you don't like and keep on taking pictures. With digital storage, you don't have hundreds of images lying around taking up space, so we don't feel cluttered by them...unless of course you have used all the memory storage up on your device. ;) But my point is, photography is at our fingertips, so why do you need me?
Even though photography is at our fingertips, using a professional photographer like myself goes further than the picture. It goes deeper into the quality of images you will end up with and the experience from start to finish. From the time we first communicate to the day you get your images, each part of the session experience is special. You are purposefully thinking about each decision and specializing the session to be all about you. In fact that is my number one goal: to deliver quality images of you and your loved ones, that capture your life designed around your life-STYLE.
I am more than a girl with a camera. I have studied photography at Brevard Community College (now Florida Eastern), continued learning through online courses and participated in hands on workshops. My studies have taught me how to capture the image using the right controls to get the perfect colors and lighting. Online courses keep me up to date on the latest trends and workshops give me the hands on experience PLUS the safety to handle you and your precious family. In addition to creating beautiful images, safety is a number one concern. No photograph is worth compromising you.
Have you ever taken a photo and not like the way you are posed? Arm sticks out? Chin looks double? Belly looks bloated? All of these things can be avoided with the right pose. I guide you through you entire session posing you for the most flattering angles so that you look your best. I care about the details, so I fix wrinkles shirts or bent collars. I comb hair into place and position you so avoid wind blown hair everywhere. I want you to look your best and see that when you see the final result.
I work with you to make sure the session is all about you and your wants. I tell all my clients, location is key. If you hate the beach, then having a session on the beach is a bad idea for you. So I learn about your likes, your home decor and your preferences to pick locations that speak your personality and style. I scout locations that offer multiple options so you don't have to go to multiple places to achieve different looks. I also choose locations that are within a reasonable travel location for you. There is an entire coast of beaches, so if you live in the south end of the county, we don't have to travel to the north end to get a great beach location. In addition, I am happy to help create a style that matches your location. Stressed about if your wardrobe will look right? I will give you tips and pointers to ensure you look and feel your best!
After I take your pictures, your time with me continues. I present your images to you and allow you to order the ones you want! I help you decide the best sizes and options to meet your needs from the session. Do you have wall that you want to make into a gallery wall? I can help you design it and create just that. Do you want something more tangible that can be touched like an album to display for everyone to look at? Great I can create those too with the images you love most. I work with high quality labs to ensure your images are printed on material that are safe and designed to hold color and last for generations. At the end of the day, I am a girl with a camera and lots of experience and guidance along the entire process. Photography should be an investment to pass down for generations to appreciate and admire. You are freezing a moment in time and I want all those details to be perfect so you can remember them for years to come. So WHY me? Because it's not about me, it's all about YOU!

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